Friday, May 22, 2009

Meet LeArmoire!

LeArmoire is a small handmade business run by Nadiah Abuswai, that specializes in creating unique and creative clothing and accessories for all.

At LeArmoire, you will find heaps of rad stuff, from adorable iPod animals, to one of a kind dresses, to grungey cool wristbands.

Visit LeArmoire's Etsy shop at:

See LeArmoire videos every Friday at:

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Meet Buttonhead!

Buttonhead is a Chicago-based indie business, operated by Ali Puckett, making buttons, magnets, stickers, temporary tattoos, and other fun stuff for cool kids like you!

With over 10,000 items shipped safely around the world, Buttonhead is a fast-growing handmade business, offering great customer service, custom work, promotional items, and… a sense of humor.

Visit the buttonhead shop online at:

Learn more about buttonhead projects at:

See buttonhead videos every Saturday on Indie 5:
Buttonhead: Custom Button Pins, Custom Pocket Mirrors, Wedding Temporary Tattoos